A question for episodians.. **CLICK PLZ**



I came across a question and couldn’t get it out of my head.

I will create a poll for it, and feel free to discuss/argue your choices below.

  • I go on Episode all the time and rarely Forums
  • I keep it balanced
  • I go on Forums more than Episode (like @FreakyEvilMargs)
  • I rarely go on both
  • Other

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Thank you!


Thank you!


Oh wow, I haven’t been going on the app this much these days :rofl::heart:


Yeah, me neither :sunglasses:


I tell myself I keep it balanced but I use the forums a lot :joy::joy:


Same :joy: forums is more entertaining


Amen to that :sunglasses::heart:


I mean, all the stories are great, but you could make a story more dramatic than the whole drama shelf with what goes on in the forums


I’m pretty picky on the stories I’ll read, so I definitely spend more time browsing the forums.


I spend basically all my time on the forums because I’m waiting for the authors to update the story. Or is that just me?


I’ve started neglecting Episode, LMAO. I barely use it anymore


Oh hey! I didn’t expect so many people going on the forums more than the app. I have to say, whoever designed these forums did a great job~


It’s because people like @JemU776 shines bright like a diamond and do everything to make the forum a friendly better place.


I used to be always on the Episode… Like 2 years, annd then I found out about forums and now I’m rarley on Episode


Lmao, same. I wasn’t really into the forums before, like I had an account but I had no idea how to use it but once I learned I kind of neglected Episode :joy: I just check in on stories I like every once in a while


Lol same I first made account and after 2 months i started to use it…welp


Same :joy: I made it and then forgot my user and password (I had to send the email) and then started using the forums because I was interested in the art :woman_shrugging:


It used to be balanced but as of late it’s more Episode than forums.