A Question for new commissions

Heyy Everyone!
My cousin wants to start her commissions in the forums, she’s new so I’ll help her manage the shop and she’ll do the art andd her art style is amazing! :blob_hearts: . But, she can only accept payment through easypaisa cause we can’t use PayPal in our country.

  • I wanted to know if you guys can use easypaisa or is it banned or something in your country?

I haven’t heard of that payment processor before, here where I’m from (Denmark)

Is it possible for you guys to make a Kofi page?
I know a lot of people in this community trust Kofi to handle their payments.


Yea it’s because that was developed by someone for our country, since there was a risk of someone hacking into our accounts through PayPal.

Ooh we’ll see if that works here.

Thank you for helping :blob_hearts:

I’m from Belgium, Europe. I’ve never heard of Easypaisa. As you said, it was developed by someone from your country, so I’m assuming almost no one here on the forums will have this app…

Yea I think so too, But I can use ko-fi, it is available in our country thankfully.

If I’m not wrong that’s an Indian cash app?

It is? I didn’t know that sorry about that hehe :sweat_smile:.
Btw do you know if people who buy art use easypaisa/ is it possible for them to use it?
I just saw that I can’t use Ko-fi cause there are only two payment methods stripe and PayPal.

I don’t think many people in the community will be familiar with this type of payment, I’ve seen you said you can use kofi but I wish you the best of luck :,(


I’m not quite sure but I think she should use some other application like paypal or ko - fi. So more people can commission her!

I searched it on Google and it said I could use it, but then I saw that I can’t use it directly in my country, like the address should be outside the country, which is not possible.

Thank you ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

Yea we’ll see what we can do

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