A question with the Fantastical Contest problem



Okay, so i published my story for the Fantastical Contest. I wish everyone luck! But like i have a problem, i saw the rules and one of them is to not use words that you don’t use in school, and i have one word, i’ve been using in my story, - Bish. So now what do i do? Leave it as it is or change it up??


That’s fine! I’ve certainly seen worse words in stories, even featured ones by Episode themselves.


lol, one rule said: no featuring celebrities but Episode itself has published stories featuring celebs like: Demi, Pitch Perfect, and that’s why i wanted to seek for advice, because i like my story as it is, if i change it there’s not going to be fun at all, right?


Also thank you very much!


The difference is those are like… well, not paid promotions, but similar. They collaborate to make those and have permission from the creators.


No problem!


But really, thank you for using your time to answer my question.



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