A quick how-to for Discourse!


At the top there are three icons.

  • Search
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Profile/Account

Search allows you to search within that top thread, or the entire site.



Opening up “options” takes you to an “advanced search” page where you have additional arrays of options to narrow down your search.

Hamburger Menu is a menu that allows for quick access to all the forums and additional links to jump you from specified topics, themes, and many other items.

The Profile/Account button allows to check your dynamic notifications. You can see who liked your posts, what badges you’ve earned, messages received, etc.

On the right side, near the top are where the forum title is, along with filter buttons.

These allow you to filter by an array of categories.

  • Sub-forums
  • Topics
  • Tags

Sub-forums or Categories



In addition, you can sort by Latest, New, Unread and Top posts within those topics.

Subscribing or Creating a Topic are located to the left of the filters.


Creating a Topic - tapping the “+ New Topic” button will bring a menu up from the bottom of your screen, and you’ll be able to preview your post before it goes out. You can also modify its destination.

Your topic will appear like this in any sub-forum you’ve directed it to. On it, you’ll be able to observe the users on the post, the replies it has, the views, and the latest activity.

A New User's Guide To The Forums!

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I wanna make a new topic in the creator’s corner for some help with coding but it won’t let me! There’s no “New Topic” button!!!




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