A Quick Question!



So, I Have A Quick Question. How Do The Views Work? Like If I Had 1000 Views On My Story And 10 Episodes, Does That Mean I Have 100 Views Per An Episode?


No it means 1000 ppl read your story for at least one chapter


Genrally speaking, yes. That’s usually how I can work out an average ball park figure of readers

But people don’t always read your story all the way til then end so it could be 110 people have read episodes 1-4 and then 80 read 5-8 and so on and so forth


I’m pretty sure that your views includes all your episodes, not just the first one :thinking:


Does the first episode even count? I know quite a few people read my first episode all the way, but the reads don’t go up. If this is true, I think it’s because the reader isn’t spending a pass. They should really give us analytics to give us a better idea :joy:


I’ve heard that, but I’ve also heard it’s the last episode that doesn’t count because you never “finish” the chapter because it does that whole “the author may or may not continue…” spiel on loop. So idk which it is


Maybe, who knows? :joy: then again, authors do have the option to have a finished story so people can actually finish it


Yes, but I’ve noticed the same message pops up even when you mark it as completed. So I guess we’ll never know for sure


The first episode doesn’t count, hence why it’s free of passes :smile:


I Know Right.