A quick survey on writing 💛

Hello! I’ve started my first story quite a while ago and I personally think I’ve made good progress. But writing has been getting harder for me the past few weeks. Sometimes I feel like just giving up. Right now I’m at that point.
What do you think I should do?

  • Give up, it’s better that way
  • Keep writing, you can do it

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Have you ever experienced this?

  • No, writing is easy for me
  • Yes, I’ve felt the same way

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Are you currently writing?

  • Yes, I’m writing my FIRST story
  • Yes, but I have multiple stories out
  • Yes, but I have only one story out
  • No, I gave up on writing
  • No, but I have one story out
  • No, but I have multiple stories out
  • No, I’m not interested

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How hard is/was writing for you?

  • It’s super easy!
  • It’s somewhat easy
  • Kinda hard…
  • Extremely hard!

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Do you have any tips or advice you could share with me?

  • Yes, but I won’t share with you
  • Yes, I’d love to share!
  • No, I don’t write
  • No, I just don’t have any tips

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*If so, please PM me!

Would you read my story?

  • No, I bet it will be bad!
  • No, I’m not interested
  • Yes, I’d read it
  • Maybe, I’m not sure

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Thank you! :v: