A rant you will hate to miss


Hello everyone,
I am a new episode Author and I am here to rant!

I am not ranting about popular Authors always trending and having million reads! NO! They worked for it!

My rant is to my fellow new authors that usually complain of not having reads.
You guys don’t even read other new authors story without a read for read trade (Which i was guilty was)
You guys want people to magically read your stories when some of you don’t care about what new authors are publishing. You are still busy reading Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect and the big story (There is nothing wrong with that)

But I am tired of seeing new authors complaining about reads

I know how it feels to spend days, weeks , month writing and you will end up begging for reads.

I was almost depressed today because i know how long I spent writing my story and i was begging for reads, I wanted to give up but I had to remind myself why I was writing.

So please, let the complain about popular and new authors end. Let us support each other.
You can easily go to the forum, look for a new author story, read one episode if you don’t like it close it and move to another one.
You will find a good one.

I am sorry for the rant and I am sorry if I offend anyone.
Thanks for reading




Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post. Also! If you want to write a rant there’s actually a whole thread devoted to it here! Feel free to post rants there in the future :slight_smile:


AMEN!! You gotta work hard for what you get! These authors had to work for where they got, you ain’t gonna get millions of reads in a day. It takes patience and effort.


I don’t agree only with one thing. Starting authors should have a special shelf. I’m always in new stories shelf looking for hidden gems, but I also seeing same stories that’s been there for weeks.


Well yeah, I think they should have that for upcoming new authors if they have good directing and all that. Some people don’t want to put in work & expect to be featured. Like no…


Let us say they release a new shelf
What will be there?
Most new authors are always exicted to release something…
So they don’t take their time to learn the directing and more


I agree with that. A lot of authors don’t put much effort in their stories and except to be famous or featured. I personally write for myself, that’s my hobby. I’m actually more into coding than writing but nevertheless I enjoy doing it! :grin:


i never thought i’d be into coding, I always thought I was ONLY into writing and I published stories on watt pad but never pursued i felt like I could do more ya know? So I finally became an Episode author and I grew to love coding and writing! I know it’ll be useful in the future somehow / someway!


That’s why we have a ton of posts here that saying to do not rush with things and learn at least basic things first.


[quote=“youngblackboy, post:7, topic:21845”]
Same here… I had a hard time learning coding but how I am proud to say I am good at it




We new authors beg other new authors for read. R4R.


For example @brvnda, she started and she was asking about everything which is good because that’s how she learned. :grin:


Yep, and you, @rude_inception & @dara.amarie helped me out a LOT!! i’m working on my 2nd story and i’m proud to say that i’ve masted both basic & advanced directing because of y’all! I learned how to layer btw @apes. thanks for that pic! I literally use it ALL the time! :joy::joy::+1:t5:


There is nothing bad in asking! It is good way to learn


I released my first story after six weeks of learning…


I meant layer not zone :joy:


Although I met most awesome people in the world by doing R4R I’m not doing it anymore.
I just decided to let it be :grin:


R4R I don’t think it really helps… You will only get 0.06% true readers