A rant you will hate to miss

I agree with some, but new authors should get their own shelf. Like I’m not trying to scroll all the way down the trending (genre) thing just to find a hidden gem… Yeah authors like to publish fast, but episode should post good hidden gems. And update it every week or so. Before I mastered directing I watched some Joseph Evan’s videos and asked questions on threads (but it didn’t get answered, so I deleted it :(…)

Really? :frowning: Do you still need a question answered? I’d love to help.

Most of the time when new authors publish a new story it is not as good as a, for lack of better term, old author. This is because the old author has more experience. I don’t think we should have a shelf for new authors, just because of that. Keep in mind that I am not saying that all new authors write terrible stories.

Maybe, we can have a hidden gem shelf.

Nope, lol, I forget what is was, but I figured it out. Thank you anyways. :slight_smile:

And @jaylen_dwight, and sometimes new authors stories are way better than the “old” authors cliché af stories. New authors can be equally as good as “old” authors. Therefore, we should have a new author/hidden gems shelf…

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Well if you ever need any help in the future, you are welcome to message me anytime and I’ll do my best to help :grin:

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@LI05 I never said that we should not have a hidden gems shelf

But you did say we shouldn’t have a new author shelf.

I remember a few years ago, my friend and I had opened a review thread and a lot of new and upcoming authors would post their stories. A majority of the stories deserved a better read count and were just AMAZING compared to whatever shit that floats around in the Trending.

I don’t really know what new authors do and if they read other underrated stories, but if they don’t, you’re right, they should. New authors need to support each other in their Episode writing journey!


I’ll have you know I did Story Reviews and promoted stories with less than 500k readers without expecting anything in return. I also read lots of popular stories for enjoyment and so I could learn from them (Demi Lovato, Pitch Perfect, Clueless, Legacy, Pretty Little Liars, etc.). I love to help new readers while I support the popular authors while I’m at it. I won’t stop doing either.

Wow, under 500k would include most people’s stories. That would have kept you busy :open_mouth:

It did, but I enjoyed it.

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