(A repost!) What story should I create!

Hihihi! I recreated this bc the last one was a flop. And I mean that there was a tie and it wasn’t breaking!

If you read my story Regrets and Threats, it’s halfway done! But when it’s halfway, I want to make a new story throughout! I have planned out two stories but I want to know which one to start first. The first story is comedy and it’s about a failing actor who is trying for other jobs inspired by Jane The Virgin!. The second is fantasy or action I don’t know which one it will be, it’s about a French woman who is a villain and faking to be a superhero.

Please please please, don’t steal my ideas, it will literally break my heart that someone will do that!

  • Failing Actor
  • Villain In Disguise

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I really like villain in disguise, sorta reminds me of Madame Rouge from Teen Titans XD


Thx for voting! I’ll start the villain in disguise when Regrets And Threats!

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