A Request to Episode Writers

Hello everyone!

With the new and more diverse clothing and backgrounds being added on Episode, I have a request to be respectful of the clothing/backgrounds as we apply them in our stories.

Episode is providing us with clothing and backgrounds to make it easier and to encourage authors to include characters of many different ethnic, religious, etc. backgrounds. This is an extremely good thing!

However, I have seen ignorance in the stories utilizing the diverse options, now provided to us. This is extremely problematic and can go the opposite of what was intended when Episode provided us with these options. By remaining ignorant of the background of the items you are using, you are misrepresenting and conveying incorrect information of those groups. This information can create an incorrect view of said group, which can effect the readers’ interaction with said groups. Not only that, it can be offensive to the effected group- especially when it comes to religious settings.

In order to prevent the issues above, I would like to request authors to do thorough research of the item you are using, and to refrain from using those clothing items or backgrounds incorrectly. This way, the original goal of the clothing and backgrounds can be fulfilled. It’s a simple Google search away, really. I request that authors be more attentive and considerate to the privileges provided.

Thank you so much for reading.


True, alph. True.