A Review For A Read! [CLOSED]



Hey. I’m Winter.

I will review your story as soon as I can, but please be patient while you wait.

I will not use a rating system, I will just write what I like and what could be improved but I will add screenshots of good bits or the areas for improvement.

Your review will be private (whether it’s on Instagram or here) but I will let you know on here or Instagram when it’s complete and been sent to you.

I will only read the first episode but feel free to submit the form again to have the next episode read. I do not take contest entries (sorry!) because I will only read one episode and if I don’t continue, that will ruin your reader engagement. It would be unfair for me to read three episodes of each contest entry and only one of a normal story. Therefore, do not submit a contest entry because it will just be rejected.

I will let you know if your story has been rejected and I will most likely give you a reason.

I will review your story once I’ve received the screenshot of the end of my chapter. You can read any of the stories on my personal account Winter05 or my writing groups account Episode Royalty. :wink:

  1. Be kind and patient.
  2. You MUST send me a screenshot of the end of my first chapter.
  3. Remember the password: chocolate-unicorns to get your story reviewed.
  4. You MUST fill out the form!


~ Winter xx

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Hello there!

Thank you for creating this thread. I have just submitted a review request. Will be DM-ing you on Instagram in a minute!

Thank you!



Great, I’ll get onto your story after I finish editing my story. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I really appreciate it!



I’ve submitted the form, I’m just about to send you a DM on instagram with the screenshot (:


Thanks. Will get onto your story as soon as I can. :wink:


Sent your review. Great story! :hugs:


Thank you very much, Winter!



Sent you your review on Instagram! So cool! :wink:


I’m all free! Anybody else?! :slight_smile:


Thank you! xx

New Story Cheerleader Queen [LIMELIGHT]

I’ve submitted a review request, and dm you on Instagram. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Just submitted it.


You will not get a review unless you complete the form correctly. Make sure to read the rules! :slight_smile:


Screenshot_20180406-012714_1Check out my new story True Connections (INK)
Full of drama and romance, send me your feedback.


You will not get a review unless you complete the form correctly. Make sure to read the rules!

Please edit your post after you have finished the form as it makes my thread look messy and unorganised with all the pictures. I’m kind of a control freak lol. :slight_smile:

Would you give me a feedback?

Thanks for filling out the form but you got the password wrong. Make sure to read the rules!


Title: First Love
Author: Chanell
Genre: Romance
Description: Love, Lies, and Betrayl! Help Chay through it by helping her make choices! How she meets and loses her first love
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6104294055346176


@shuba22 @ChayChay Please read my story Rivals [Limelight] then I will review your story. Send me a screenshot of the end of my story so I know you’ve read it.

Winter xx


@ChayChay Sent you a PM with your review.

@Kls12s Will get onto your story sometime today, if not tomorrow.