A Scripting Error


I was doing well with my script until I copied and pasted a template for the reader to customize their character. Everything in the template is error free but the first eyebrow option is saying that “Arched Natural” doesn’t exist:

What do I do to fix this? Thank you ~


Change the name to your character name


To quickly change the name, highlight FEMALEAVATAR, do Ctrl + F (or Command + F if you’re on a mac desktop), click ALL, then write in the character’s name.


I changed all the “@FEMALEAVATAR” to “@FIRSTNAME” but it still says that Arched Natural doesn’t exist:


Is that your character name?


Okay. So I fixed that coding issue but now there’s another. The script says there are no errors but there’s an error when I play the preview. When I select ‘This is perfect!’ the screen pops up with the skin color selections (even though I said that I’m finished).


In your script, underneath “This is perfect” does it say goto skincolour or no?


There’s only one spot where “This is perfect!” appears. Is there a specific spot that I have to place it in order for the error to be fixed?:


Underneath line 40, put

goto continue

and add a label that continues to whatever you want to happen next.


You deleted the goto that was in the choice. It’s suppose to look like this:

<GREEN> “This is perfect!” {
goto female1_end


How did you fix that error that you first had cause I’m having issues?


Change the name to your characters name


Thank you