A Search For a Cover Artist!

I’m looking for a cover artist! Credit will be given to the artist, of course!

I’m looking for:
a limelight girl with:
-body color: Neutral 03
-face: Heart Soft
-nose: Defined Natural
-eyebrows: Arched Natural
-eyebrow color: Chestnut Brown
-eyes: Female Generic
-eye color: Green Emerald
-mouth: Full Heart Pouty
-mouth color: Pink Warm Gloss
-hair: Hair Flip
-hair color: Chestnut Brown

a limelight guy with:
-body color: Copper 01
-face: Male Generic
-nose: Straight Narrow
-eyebrows: Straight Medium
-eyebrow color: Light Brown
-eyes: Oval Wide
-eye color: Hazel
-mouth: Medium Heart
-mouth color: Fair Neutral Matte
-hair: Generic Short
-hair color: Light Brown

The descriptions of the people are just to give you an idea of what I had in mind. The story is humorous, romantic, and dramatic, and the two people described above are fake dating.

Please reply to this if you are interested. I appreciate this so much! Thank you!


I’d be happy to do it for you <3

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I can! Here are examples!

If you are still looking I would love to help you! I have all my examples on my insta Art_episode if you don’t choose me I would love to make you a custom unique Profile Picture :smile:

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for replying so quickly! I updated the original post so it was more detailed. Please let me know if you are still interested so we can talk some more!

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I’m still interested, pm me so I can get started!