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Role : Earth Princess
Name : Lee Melita
Bio : Lee is a pushover. It’s her way, or you are out the door. She’s a leader, but not necessarily a good one. She also has a dark sense of humor - and is in no way sassy. She’s been raised in the castle all her life, and dreams to be the future leader. Especially since she’s a hard core feminist, and dislikes when her father comments how he looks forward to her brother ruling.
Additional : Always . . . always . . . wears jewelry thes Used

  • Wedge Espadrilles Cloth White
  • Angel Dress Costume Chiffon White Gold
  • Triangle Long Earrings Metal Silver
  • Long Double Stone Feather Chained Necklace Leather Purple Blue Violet

Cooper 00
Round Thin High (Dark Black)
Long Faux Solid (Purple Lilac)
Female Generic (Purple)
Heart Soft
Defined Natural
Small Heart (Purple Pastel Gloss)

Role : Earth Prince
Name : Lazar Melita
Bio : Unlike his sister, Lazar is a shy-timid person. He is really into video games, and anything related to electronics. He almost always, lets his father down. Either by his poor coordination and balance, or how he rather spend his evenings playing games than learning about their family’s history.

  • Belted Pressed Slacked Baggy Ankles Polyester Blue White
  • Studded Pointed Metal Toed Boots Leather Blue Oxford
  • Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Blue Teal
  • Buttonup Collared Shirt Tie Cotton Grey White Blue

Cooper 00
Male Generic (Dark Black)
Short Shaggy (Dark Black)
Monoloid Slender (Violet)
Square Jaw
Straight Narrow
Medium Straight Natural (Pink Beige Matte)


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Cooper 00 /// Straight Medium (Dark Black) /// Short Wavy Hair Solid (Grey) /// Monoloid Slender (Brown Black) /// Diamond /// Round Button Upturned /// Small Heart Voilet Matte

Mothers looks ^ Mothers outfit v

Skinny Jeans Denim Brown Burnt /// Heels House Party Leather Yellow /// Long Double Button Coat Cashmere Olive Green /// Lace Sleeveless Undershirt Satin Yellow Cream /// Strapped Tote Bunny Brown Brown Black

Name ; Queen Thando Melita
Bio : Thando, or Queen Melita, is a bit animal crazy. She loves her bunny than her own kids, and it’s clearly shown. However, this is because she’s grown an attachment to animals due to never having someone she could rely on. Thando originally married, Prince Medad Melita - out of ‘love’ but really it was just a push for her to marry a royal, plus he was madly in love with her. However, Medad passed away not too long ago, and she is currently dating the Dwyn, whom everyone calls King Dywn Melita, though they have not been officially married yet.


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Rose 06 /// Arched Medium (Dark Black) /// Short Curly Fade (Dark Black) /// Oval Wide (Dark Black) /// Triangle Chiseled /// Hooked Glacian /// Medium Heart (Dark Brown Rose)

Step - Dads looks ^ Step Dads Oufit v

Loafer Penny Leather Black /// Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Gold Silver /// Vest And Shirt Combo Tie Long Sleeve Cuffed Shirt Polyester Gold /// Business Slacks Simple Belt Greyblack

Name : Dwyn Melita
Bio : Dwyn wasn’t born into any sort of wealth, or even a home. His parents were traveling nurses and traveled frequently. Though he got to see the world, he didn’t have a great education. So when he finally ‘left the nest’ he found lots of hardships. Eventually, he found his passion in diplomacy, and eventually met Thando.


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Backstory: Always attracted to light since she was born. Father died when she was 9. Found out she was a sun goddess? Sorry, I suck at backstories.
Full name: Miliani Light; Nickname: Mili
My Character Is Unique from the others, because she- I don’t know honestly.


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