A series of problems, needing help

I have a few problems to work on and I would really appreciate your help, since I literally started making my new and first story yesterday,

  1. My character is stucked. She always performs the same animation in every scene from a certain point on. I don’t really have idea why. I tried everything from @speechbubble reset to @zoom reset. The interesting thing is that when I’m reviewing the story from my computer everything is completely fine. But when I try from both of my phones… let’s say that it’s not a pretty picture. I restarted the story multiple times and it’s the same deal. I can’t find the problem here. Sometimes the character dissapears also.

  2. My backgrounds don’t cover the screen. They are in the best possible resolution, the biggest that the app approves. When I view the first chapter from my smaller phone everything is fine. But not with my bigger phone.

Like I said, I would really like someone to help me and give me some tips on how to work better. We all have to start from somewhere. Thank you in advance.

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Hi to your problems

  1. @reset speechbubble and @reset zoom are not right commands. The commands are

@speechbubble reset
@zoom reset

but - they have absolutely nothing to do with character animation anyway. :smiley:

If your character makes on a start of a new chapter some unwanted animation it is most likely because this was the last animation he was doing in the previous chapter.

To solve it simply make him do animation you want time to make right from the start of a new scene.

  1. The background

you might be zoomed out - then you can see black line above or under the background.
zoom stays till you end it through all episode so try to add

@zoom reset under the new background which makes this problem.

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I checked and I have written them the right way in the script, sorry for misplacing them in the topic. My first scenes aren’t zoomed, I had this problem even before I started using this feature. And the character started glitching five scenes after the first one. Of course I tried to make her do different animation, but with no success. It’s strange. It even broke the next scenes, anything after the damaged one was not showing. I’m pretty sure that I’m doing something wrong, I would probably rewrite the scenes again and try to make them more simple, maybe? Thank you for your help, I really hope that everything goes right this time.

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show me the script where you have this problems

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I can’t even believe this, but I found the error. I was trying to use overlay and there was warning. I thought it was not that important. But apparently it kept messing up my story. My question is - why and how simple object like this can be so dangerous to the game? It literally caused loops in the script and made it irresponsive.

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Unfortunately the nature of scripting a story like in Episode is that there’s no room for error. Even the wrong word being capitalized can break your entire script. The best way to manage this is by saving and previewing your story often - I do it after pretty much every new line I code - and to be aware of those error warnings that pop-up. Even if they’re a “Warning” rather than a full-blown error, they could still be affecting your script in some way and should be dealt with.

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You are 100% right! I always knew that Episode is a really cool glitchy mess that we all love, but this… This is a whole new level. I’ll take your advice for taking care of my script, definitely!


I didn’t want to start a new thread, so I’ll appreciate if you answer me in this one again. Why is it that when I preview my story from even the oldest android phone everything is amazing - no overlay flashes for a second and other known glitches. But when I do it from my iPhone is not that good. Like I said, mostly overlay glitches. Can I fix this or it’s not up to me?

The problem with custom backgrounds remains. There is still black space around the corners. I tried with zoom reset, but it didn’t get better.

can you insert here the background the way you have it uploadeded in the portal?
Can you be more specifin what you mean with “overlay glitches”?

If it mean you see for milisecond the overlay big before it resizes or on another place before it shifts to the right place - it is bevause of wrong using of @ instead of & usually - I can tell more if I will see the code.

If the overlays apear on wrong layers - its usually caused by not setting all characters and overlays to layers - episode gives them in such case random layer which might apear different on different device.

When I view all the scenes from my IPhone the overlays are moving for a split second and then getting in their place. I used & for them, so it shouldn’t be an existing problem. But when I view the scenes from a few Android devices, I don’t have that problem. It’s strange. Basically that happens only on IOS devices. I have many of them and I can confirm that.

you probably have created the overlay next to the BG but the shifts are done after it in separate commands instead of writing them next to the overlay in the BG line like this:

(copied form @Dara.Amarie sice I am lazy to write the explanation down by myself :slight_smile: )

Typing the overlay next to the background name using the word "with"

This is used when you want your overlay(s) to already be placed at the beginning of the scene.

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # at layer #


EXT. ATLANTA - NIGHT with CAR ANGLE SILVER to 1.5 220 85 in zone 3 at layer 4

if you will write it like this is should not glitch on any phone

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Thank you so so much! Gosh! It is so easy and to think that I was writing commands like crazy to achieve this :smiley:. You know how it is - if it’s not hard to achieve, it’s not going to work. The only problem left is the custom background one. I know I bothered you enough, but can you try to help me with it too? Like I said, for some reason they have black space on the bigger phones. I wonder why… :thinking:

as I sayed pls copy it here in full size from your art catalogue. Also can you make me printscreen from the phone where it looks off?

On that phone… do original episode backgrounds look normal and the problem is just with the one you uploaded?

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