A silly question

Can I use famous brand names in my story? Or should I modify them to something I like? :thinking:

probably not

So modifying them would be the best idea?

You can use them. You can mention them in passing, but not repeatedly. And the plot can’t revolve around them.


its fine if its like. a single comment like. yeah my shoes are addidas. It cant be an entire story revoling around a girl who wanna be a fashion disigner for gucci


I just want to use them in usual conversation. Actually in a rich people’s conversation. :grin:

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As Lilly mentioned, a brief mention of them is fine. :+1:

Random rich person: “Yeah, I only wear Gucci, I just bought a third summer house, have you heard about Brittany and her gardener…? Blablabla”


You can also modify words:

Eg: frappuccino to epiccino

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Yeah, but I’m not sure to what extent that absolves the writer of any trademark infringement. I know my story mentioned “Jeopar—uh… a trivia game” in reference to a minigame I made, and I had to change it. :woman_shrugging: Every writer that I’ve seen use a switched-up name to clearly reference an IRL brand was well within their rights to use the actual brand name, since they weren’t crucial parts of the story.

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