A small inquiry for Episode readers

Hey guys and girls. I always wondered if Episode story readers prefer long or short chapters, and what is the ideal chapter length in your opinion, so I decided to make this topic :slight_smile:
I am also wondering how many chapters should a story have according to your opinion :slight_smile:
Drop your answers below <3 <3


story length is hard. I could say it would be perfect with ten minutes and 15 chapters. with ten minutes each. at least a 1000 lines

but then your story might be to short or to long. if you have 20 chapters and try fit it in 15 you will have to cut stuff, there might be important and it will be a rushed ending. whereas if you only have ten chapters and wanna make 15 you will drag the story out with filler stuff.

I usually plan what I want to happen in every chapter. so that I know what I am doing and sometime it dosent fill as many other times it fills really much. I have chapters there only became 5 minutes and some almost 20.

go for what you feel is best


I would say the perfect length is from 12-15 minutes. If it’s longer than that I tend to skip a lot of the dialogues. If someone has a story in which every chapter is like 20 minutes long, it would mean spending an hour reading only three chapters. And don’t like to be on my phone for an hour :laughing:.


12 to 15 mins i think.
The number of chapters depends on author’s plot. I personally don’t care about number of chapters so long as author has a good story line


I think a good length is 10-15 minutes. You don’t want it to be too short because people will feel like they’ve wasted a pass, but if the episode is too long, people may get bored and tap out.
Top trending stories usually have short chapters and are easily “bingeable”.

I personally prefer stories with <30 total chapters because usually I find a story drags after that (there are exceptions though of course).


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me <3

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