A song stuck in your head

Now bois lie is in my head by Avril Lavigne.

running up that hill :sob:

it was good but it got played a little too much

  1. ‘The sun rose over the mountain’ - Daughtry
  2. ‘I’m on my way’ - Skrillex feat. Justin Bieber
  3. ‘Faded’ - Imagine Dragons
  4. ‘Hallelujah’ - Jeff Buckley
  5. ‘Hey Jude’ - Beatles
    YouTube? v4_Bs6md-Wkg
  6. ‘How do I live without you’ - John Mayer
    YouTube. com/watch? vTbVohJ-eEOQ
  7. ‘Clocks’ - Coldplay
    Youtube. Com/watch?vSsDmR5BIVcg

Purple People Eater - Sheb Woolley

Harry Styles - As It Was

Phoebe Bridgers - Sidelines

One More Chance - Joan Armatrading

Eagles - Hotel California

Ive - Love Dive
Ive - After Like

I have several but for me sometimes I’d remember back in the days of 2010s to 2018s banger songs, and just randomly start shuffling listening to them… it’s so nostalgic but also a good feeling of wholesomeness as well with it lol :weary::weary::sob:

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Songs we listen to over & over again without realizing why until much later on. I was listening to this song today and realized what it did for me…
Cannabis 420 Health Recreational Marijuana
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Artist - Joakim Karud
I do not own any rights to any music. If any copyright infringement occurs, please contact me directly before taking legal action. As soon as I receive notice that my music has been stolen, it will be removed immediately.

Tony Williams Lifetime Believe It.

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How’s this one for everyone: Puttin’ on the Ritz - Taco.

Alan Walker & IMAGINE DRAGONS - Faded / Demons / Bad liar

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The whole new playlist by Doja.

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Dancing with your ghost by sasha alex sloan

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Bon Jovi - Always