A spot directing issue

Hey guys. I have an issue that I’ve never had before with spot directing. If I want my character to stand in a certain position on the screen, for that exact same place where I want them to stand, the spot is different on my web previewer and on my phone preview in the app. I don’t know which one to put in my script because if I position them to a certain spot according to my phone preview, their heads are cut off on my web previewer. The zoom is exactly the same. I don’t know what’s happening. What should I do?

I dont really know how to fix this but i definitely think you should do the phone location because people read on their phone? If not reload and reopen the app.

I have the same issue for over two weeks now…

Could we have an example? A copy of the code that’s causing the issue and a screenshot of your web previewer and a screenshot from the app.
That way, the smart boffins on here can tell you if it’s a coding issue or an actual bug with the portal/app.