A story about living with autism - A Different Rainbow

So a lot of you have supported the idea of me writing a story about living with autism and I’m glad to say, I’ve started writing the first draft of it! I’ll start working on it after I finish my current story.

This would be a another story I’ll be writing from experience as I too suffer from autism and I know a lot of you struggle with it too. I’ve also seen various threads about people searching for these kind of stories so I’ll write one. I think there’s a lot of stigmatism surrounding the disability and I wanted to show what it was REALLY like to live with it. You’ll read the story direct from my point of view where I’ll take you on this journey using my personal experience.

Of course the some of the events which happen in the story will be fictional but some will also be stuff which I’ve experienced in real life.

I know there’s a lot of you autistic people out there and my message to you. YOU ARE SPECIAL YOU ARE UNIQUE! YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT ASSET TO SOCEITY!

Here’s a little teaser trailer I made for the new story:

I really hope you can relate to the story as much as I do x


Good luck on the story!

Thank you for the message. I suffer from autism, and I see a lot of flaws in myself because I’m not ‘normal’. I appreciate you calling us unique. :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:

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No worries! You’ll love the story x

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I would love to read it!!! I may suffer from asperger’s syndrome(autism) too(idk yet everyone around me is saying it behind my back). I can’t wait for it!!

Thank you! I know someone else who suffers from that and they write the most amazing stories! People with autism are the ones with the most creative minds x

It’ll probably be out maybe end of this year, beginning of next year as I’m currently working on a story right now. It’s mainly about mental health x

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Love this. I dont think I have seen one made on autism! So well done lovely! :kissing_heart:

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Thank you Hun, means a lot x


Looking forward to reading! :open_book: :eyeglasses:

Beautiful! I would love to read this! I don’t personally suffer from it…BUT! I’am a mother of a 2 year old who has SPD and is now facing other concerns. I just created my Instagram account for episode and would love to follow you!

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Thank you so much x

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Thank you so much.

My insta is @josiej8

I’m currently writing a story which is about mental health so I’ll finish this one first before starting the new story xx

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