A story delete button?

Sssoo somewhere in early January or late December I made a topic about if you can delete published stories that u don’t like, and most of the people agreed that we should have a delete button on published stories! For all of u who are like "what if we accidently delete it, and loose our story!?’ I thought ahead! All the button would do is un-publish it! U can still re-publish it but still no worries since it is still there! What do you guys think?


That would be a super useful button :ok_hand:

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Yes, I agree

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Just a friendly reminder to remember to create topic titles the correct way as this doesn’t follow the feature guidelines here

Please also see an already created topic on this topic, please make sure you search the forums before creating duplicate topics.


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An un-publish story button has already been suggested here: FEATURE: Unpublish a Story :smiley: