A story is banned, your opinions?


Your Dad My Daddy is banned. Personally I was never able to read the story, I had it on my favorites but never had the time to read it. But now, it’s banned and there’s no way I will be able to read it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Why do you think it was banned? I don’t think it was fair…


The author posted it on her Instagram, she said it was because someone who was banned helped her with the directing and she’s trying to contact Episode and she told people to stop trying to get the stories back because it just makes it worse, you should take that as an advice, you didn’t even read it, so why?


I sent her a request last night, but she’s offline I guess. I couldn’t see it. But it’s just heartbreaking to see that somebody who put time and effort into their story gets their story removed like this.


Btw, if you think this topic will affect her badly, I can close it right away don’t worry I support her and her story too.


Although this story sounds kind of inappropriate, if it was really taken down because a banned person did the directing, that seems a bit unfair.

Did it use inappropriate directing? If not I don’t see why it should be banned.
It kind of sounds terrible my opinion. A relationship with someone’s father? Is the father at least single? Is she at least of age?


Let’s remind the story called My Teacher, My Gansgster by Episode for a minute. :grinning: Sorry it’s just too funny.


haha that title is ridiculous. I read the first chapter and nearly gave up on life.


LOL same! Like the person above said if it’s about someone banned helping then it’s heartbreaking but a bit reasonable, if it’s more than that, Boi.


I passed by it, but I haven’t read it. Based on title, it kind of deserves to be banned, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions without having read it.
shrug It’s like the stupidity of Episode Stories is permanently going up.


I read it it was over having help directing wise by a banned former writer. I read it and disappointed that it was banned.


That’s not fair, it’s just a little help…




Episode is banning people as a joke, I know the Baddest was horrible and it glamorised the Black Market, but your dad My daddy had no reason to be banned, what a bloody joke! Also let’s talk about mafia stories, I have a mafia story, at least I’m not getting my characters to kill people over a drug deal, and things like that. Episode allows Chain Reaction and Miss MJ to carry on, I love Miss MJ, and her stories, yet Episode allows those stories to carry on when they clearly break ALL the rules!


How about pregnant by a killer shows violence sucide torture rape I’m surprised that is still on the app.


Pathetic isn’t it?


Yet someone helping you you get banned straight away no warning nothing. I love episode but their priorites are all over the place.


WHATTT I LOVED THIS STORY :neutral_face: I read all 18 chapters.


there are many inappropriate stories but this was banned just cause of an banned person directed it
and can the episode ban people like that and why do they ban writers


I notice Pregnant by a Killer is vulgar, but it really is a cliche breaker sort of. As you contain reading, The MC starts what reality is, Rape, Gang, Shooting, I feel like goes over certain themes that are normally romanticize in episode stories such as shootings.


Alright. Here’s the thing. Episode is hypocritical. They ban stories from community authors, then release a featured story with even worse subjects.