A story that stopped working


Okay so basically I was playing the featured story “Venomous”
In episode 11 it was working fine and then it goes to a conversation between Ian & some other guy and it stops. No matter how much I click they don’t speak or move to the next scene and the story is frozen.
Is there any way I can recover the story without having to re start it?


This happened to me a couple of times but then I just had to wait or to close the app and open it again.


I tried closing and opening but it’s probably cause I was binging that story,
Thanks I’ll just try again the next couple days to play it.
Plenty of other stories to play:)


Yeah, right :slightly_smiling_face:


The exact same thing happened to me, and know I’m stuck at that episode. What to do? Please help😂


Honestly I still haven’t resolved it.
I actually played it twice. But nothing
Same part, same Ep.
So I’m just gonna stop playing it sadly


That’s unfortunate, I guess I have to do the same. Dammit, why did it have to happen when the storie was getting good


I actually just sent a ticket to the support team via instructions by one of the admins
Take a screenshot
Hopefully they help fix it


Oh wow, thank you. I just sent it too. Hope it works, I’ll let you know if a get an answer :blush::blush:



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