A story with a prophecy

So I recently started developing a fantasy story and I really want to add a prophecy in there.
The problem is I don’t know much about the subject and has never written a fantasy story before.
I was wondering if somebody who knows a little more about this will agree to help?


So basically in the story the mc reads an old prophecy that says how the world will be “saved” .
In the prophecy it is written about a “character” who is supposed to make it come true.
The mc wants to go and look for the “character” to make the prophecy come true and save everyone but later she finds out she is in fact the “character”.

There is way more to the story then that but I tought those were the main parts about the prophecy.


Does a prophecy work it the mc knows she is the one whos supposed to fullfil it?

Does a prophecy even work at all if someone is trying to actively fullfil it?

Is it really a good idea to have most of a story revolve around the prophecy?

How long and how detailed should a prophecy be?

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I’m no expert on prophecies, these are just my opinions and assumptions based on many fantasy stories:

Yes. That’d actually be a pretty cool change.

Yes because I think it’d be a pretty weak prophecy if it wasn’t going to work because of that, unless the wrong person is trying to fulfill it ‘cause that’s different.

Yes and no, but I’d say it also depends if you can add other interesting elements to it such as backstories, character development, perhaps other plot twists, romance? etc.

It varies. Can be short and vague, can be short and detailed, can be long and vague, can be long and detailed. It all depends on what you want and how it fits your story, but I’d definitely go with something on the shorter side (because it’s easier for readers to remember) and depending on how obvious you want it to be to the readers - either vague (if you want readers to think about it more and try to work it out) or detailed (more obvious to readers and requires less thinking).


Thank you so much!
I’ve been struggling with it for a while.

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I LOVE “prophecy” or AKA “The One” stories…

I suggest taking a good look at stories or movies in this genre to give you a good idea of how this works… How the prophecy is fulfilled it completely up to you… that is what is so wonderful about writing fantasy stories! YOU get to set the rules :slight_smile:

A GREAT movie example would be: THE MATRIX (and yes, its one of my FAV movies!)

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No problem and good luck with your story! (:

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