A Story Without Customization?

Would you read a story without customization ?

  • I WOULD read
  • I WOULDN’T read
  • Maybe

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I usually get mad in the first three episode LOL
But then once I get used to it, I don’t care

i dont care myself- but when i did published a story with out cc there was a lot of people who keept asking if they could get to cc

Once I start publishing, most of my stories won’t have customization menus either but I LOVE CUSTOMIZATIONS in stories, if used well.

My stories usually have characters with important and distinctive looks to the plot or have images in the story, which is why I don’t put it in. I leave only the CC for a temporary love-interest in Truth Behind Closed Doors(Distinctively red-headed Asian MC); none in Norwich (African-American with acne scars and outcast friends), My Silent Cinderella(Hispanic with Marie Antoinette syndrome). Not even the short, Disney challenges like Belle et la Bete and Daring Cinderella will have any. Later, once those are complete, I’m going to use customizations for characters. I don’t even like to create stories with love triangles either, but I love to read that too.

It’s your story after all. If you tell anyone that there are no CCs in the first episode at the beginning, the readers would be fine. Maybe something refreshing should start taking over Episode so brand new stories can come to light and not the same old, same old. I think you shouldn’t do it only if you want to. Either way, with or without CCs, I would read a good story on Episode.

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Unless the story is really good, I usually click off the story and find something else, but i usually get used to it and appreciate the story. It really depends for me

Honestly, I find customisation for characters other than the MC super annoying since I never know what to make them look like XD

I honestly HATE creating a character bc I usually just wanna read the story! I just add it in for some people bc they like it but personally, I don’t really care for it!

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