A strong female mc

A bisexual tall female who is flirty and is a player. She’s in college for business and is smart. The guys are intimidated by her. She is confident and strong, She loves sports. She graduates and attempts to start her own business but fails. She then finally success after a few times. I’m thinking there could be both a male and female love interest and people can choose. She doesn’t settle down for a while but when she does she’s in her late twenties. In the male story I want there to be a planned pregnancy and for the female a surrogate. Both of her parents are alive and they are a happy family. I just don’t know if this would be good, I need opinions!


It’s good

I like this, it’s original :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good. I like it. Care to check out my new zodiac superhero story idea?

I like it :grin:and i would defenitelly read it :blush:

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Thanks for saying that.

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Sounds hella good to me :))

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Totally agree. Want to check out my new zodiac superhero story idea?

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yes yes yes yes <3

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Great. It’s not gonna involve romance. Just action and adventure.

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