A suggestion for the episode app company

Alright, I’ve read a number of your official stories and at least most of them had at least some options for a free player to choose from.

I’m writing this suggestion because one of your newest official stories an un-perfect cheerleader, basically has 90% of its choices being gem options. I’m hoping that this isn’t a template for most of your stories to come.

This is how you turn free readers off of your app. No, we might not use gems all that often but we do sometimes use them. We also spread word and ratings of your app. Thank you for listening.

PS-Just to clarify, I’ve actually lost count on how many times I’ve told my one love interest that I hate them and they should leave me alone and get out of my life. At this point I consider the character I’m playing to be a…well…a word I can’t use on these forums. I’m basically the bad guy of the story. I’m worse than any drug dealers or any of them.


Totally agree!


Agree. That’s why I never play Episode Originals anymore, I only play community stories where you can actually make choices without spending 100 gems.


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