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Hi, I’m a long time reader of this app and for the most part I’ve enjoyed it but I did run into some thing that I wasn’t happy with, well two things.

The first thing being that the 30 day unlimited pass offer was no longer offered. I was happy to pay the cost and that made me use this app that much more than I do now. That’s what made me actually promote this app to other people. No, this new deal isn’t nearly as good as the old one. It doesn’t involve the user related stories. If you weren’t making enough money off of the old offer, then simply raise the price for it and include the user related stories.

The second thing had been recently. I’d read all the way to the end of one of my stories, one of the VIP stories and I did want to finish it. That was when I got to the end of it and in order to finish the story I had to pay 19 diamonds in order to finish the story and wed my love interest.

My suggestion is this, don’t make a customer pay diamonds in order to finish the story. Yes, give them an option to pay diamonds and get a better ending to it but also give them an out to get a worst ending to it without paying diamonds.

I paid the diamonds this time but I can assure you that I am not going to pay the diamonds next time and it’s going to make me less happy about the app. Thanks in advance, Isabel.


There are two offers for me and this one includes pass free on all stories. Go check where you buy passes if you can see this because this sounds like what you are looking for.

And if you mean Starcrossed it is a bug. And the same can be said for other featured stories, it is all a bug if you don’t get a free option.


Yeah, I think it was starcrossed. Alright, if it was a bug it’s all cool.

As for the free pass special offer plan, as I understand, that is a regional thing as in some regions get it and some regions don’t. I had it for like a year’s worth of time before and then it vanished on me. It has now been replaced with another offer that I’m currently using which is VIP stories only. I’m trying this offer once but I’m not sure if I’ll pay for it again.

I honestly think that if they made the offer permanent, the one that includes all stories for a month that they would get a lot more readers and those readers would pay more money because of the subscriptions.

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