A Title That Angers Me


When I see stories title “You and Me.” It gets me very irritated for some reason because I hate the bad grammar.


Omg same! it’s more like cliche or stupid names that irritate me


Technically, it might not be bad grammar. It completely depends on the context.

You can say “you and me” but only in a place where you’d say “me” in a sentence and not “I”.

For example: “they built this for you and me”. That’s grammatically correct because you wouldn’t say “they built this for I”. You’d say “they built this for me”.

So it depends on what the story means by “you and me”.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when people hear they’re supposed to be saying “…and I” and use it in EVERY CONTEXT. It’s a lot more intricate and complicated than that.

  • Signed a Proofreader and editor, English as a foreign language teacher, English language and literature student, and grammar nut.

P.s. the comma before the “and” is correct and is known as the “oxford comma”.


In fact, it’s likely to be good grammar… because you have to ask yourself whether a story called “Me” or a story called “I” makes more sense. It’s probably “me”.


Because “you and me” can almost be a sentence on its own… like “this is you and me”…

…but when it comes to “I”… it is usually followed by a verb.

“You and I should go to the shop”, etc.

Imagine you have a picture of yourself and this person.

If you pointed at yourself, you wouldn’t say “this is I”. You’d say “this is me”. Same applies for when you’re talking.

“For you and I” is bad
“For you and me” is good

“Of you and I” is bad
“Of you and me” is good

I apologise for the long explanation, but I hope you understand, haha


lmao I’m sorry, but you really shouldn’t be the one talking about bad grammar.


I’ve seen my spelling mistakes, thank you. I made this on phone while I was in bed. :slight_smile:


I understand completely. It’s becuase of how they use it. When I’m in school and I say “You and Me.” I’m repeatedly corrected by my teacher. None of the titles I’ve seen so far. Doesn’t include the comma. A lot of examples you’ve written is true, but I feel like some of them don’t relate to the title I’ve put in. Something I forgot to put in before is my mother corrects me.


But if they input “Me and You.” The grammar would be just fine. “I and you.” doesn’t make sense.


Ah I was going to ask if I changed up the syntax of the title would it tick you off less :joy::laughing:


“You and me” vs “me and You” makes no difference and no comma is needed. It’s only about context.


“He wants to fight you and me” makes complete sense. “I” there wouldn’t and no comma is needed


I wish I had that kind of deep knowledge of grammar. That’s really amazing!


It just takes loads of practice! English is my joint first language, but I speak 5 fluently and another 6 to a basic level. The more languages you learn and the more you read, the easier grammar becomes :grin:


In a title, “you and me” is the grammatically correct thing to write.


It doesn’t matter how the title is it can be anything you want it to be. It’s just a title. When the person is speaking then you correct them. People usually use short abbreviation for titles + titles is not what attracts people it’s the cover and description


lmao ok


You said comma in the last sentence. :thinking: I’m just repeating what you said.


Well, a title always attracts me. I don’t know why.


The comma was aimed at the part where I said “signed…”. I was just adding a little fun fact in.