A TON OF FEATURES: All for Makeup!

Obviously makeup will be something really difficult for Episode to undergo, BUT here are some suggestions that can give enough imagination to us makeup-lovers hoping to incorporate it into our stories.
I tried to be as realistic as possible and tried to add onto Episode’s catalog of features rather than scrap it.


I think it’d be awesome if Episode could add some makeup props! These would include…

  • Lipstick I really want this one because INK had a lipstick animation, so we all done know it’s possible.
  • A fluffy powder cushion. This one is easier than them making a brush that is used in MANY different spots of somebody’s face (and requires a more complex animation) rather than a cushion that can just use a patting-face animation. It gives the animation many uses and is very generalized, which makes it more possible and likable.
  • Maybe Mascara?? I’m kind of avoiding this one because it doesn’t seem all that possible to make a corresponding animation. Plus, I think it’s something that can be left to overlay experts to create their illusion of mascara. :woman_shrugging:

These animations correspond with the Props I listed above.

  • Face-Patting Animation. This works with the powder cushion I mentioned (which could be apply to foundation, concealer, etc.) and it would just be a nice animation for certain things later. Like, maybe patting down tears when somebody cries. I picture this one with the person’s eyes closed patting their face. Kind of like the hairbrushing animation, just like… Not for your hair.
  • Lipstick Application!! If INK achieved it, then so can Limelight. Periodt.
  • Maybe Mascara… But like, not really because this one would be difficult and seems almost unnecessary. Maybe that’s just me.
  • "Lashless" Eyes I’m honestly confused why this hasn’t been a thing for a while or even on the Episode team’s radar considering they just released lashed eyes for male face CC. This would be good to give the illusion of no makeup and also help give a transgender option for female characters. I don’t know, female CC just seems so tightly bound to feminine stereotypes. :woman_shrugging:
  • More Eyebrow Colors I have a character whose hair is Brown Black and there’s literally no corresponding eyebrow color… :frowning_face:

Clothing, but like not really because it'll go in Tattoos?

Obviously these will go in tattoos just like freckles and beauty marks do.

  • Acne. This honestly needs to be a thing because I think it can help create believable characters especially on a writing platform targeting kids 13+. Most of us don’t have clear skin. I would pray these would be like freckles and match skin color and also have varying severity so it’s not just over-exaggerated.)
  • Blemishes. Goes hand in hand with what I said about acne. This would be the less extreme acne.
  • Perhaps blush?? This would be a sweet feature, I think? I think it could be if done right, but blush overlays are sometimes the better alternative because you can direct their opacity and fade them in/out.
  • Running Mascara. I know this is possible because they made frickin’ eye veins. So, yeah. Periodt.

Anyways! I’d love for you to share your opinion on these ideas and support. :blush:



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But i dont think you can request more than one feature in one thread



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