A true story of something kind that happened to you!

I’m looking for true stories of humanity and kindness. What is something you have done or something someone has done to you that made an imapct in your life? I would like to use your experiences and stories in a story I’m thinking about writing. (If that’s okay with you.) I will also give credit to you at the end of the episode.

Do you have a heartwarming story/experience? And you don’t mind me sharing it in a story I’m going to write? Then I would love to hear it! Send me a private message or just leave a comment here telling me about your experience! :two_hearts:


This may not sound all that amazing but I had a grocery cart with 25 cents in it, I was putting it away and basically a man came up to me to take my cart from me since I was returning it. He offered me 25 cents in return but I shook my head no, after much insistence. He was stunned as this is the first time he saw someone give a cart with 25 cents away (again, little, but it meant a lot to him). He told me “we need more people like you” I was touched.

In grade 5 (or 6?) I bought a chips bag for a girl instead of getting myself one. Printed a bio assigment for a girl, free, didn’t need to pay.

There’s a bunch I have. I like having faith in humanity, I know there’s good in the world and I try to remain upbeat. I know I had a really bad life but I will always try to preach kindness and optimisim. The world still needs more good, though. It really does.

Now, I’m volunteering at a hospital where I help patients.

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^ I have a somewhat similar story.

It was my birthday. I had went to a Vons with a Starbucks after school with some friends and was planning on redeeming my free birthday drink coupon. As it turns out, only standalone Starbucks cafes accept any sort of coupons so I wasn’t able to redeem it. I had only had about 50 cents in my card and I hadn’t brought any cash since I assumed I wouldn’t need it so I was just ready to leave after that. The barista there ended up letting it slide and made me a nearly 6 dollar drink even after I kept saying that it was not necessary by any means. I ended up going back there a day later at the same time (this actual cash this time) to give that sweet lady a nice tip and even more verbal expressions of gratitude. I still think about that to this day because it not only gave me a wayyyyy more emphasized appreciation for Starbucks baristas but also a newfound perspective on kindness. It might’ve just been a 5 dollar drink but the thought behind it was really what stuck to me. I’ve been religiously (and generously) tipping baristas since that happened.

Thinking back to that moment still brings me so much warmth even though it happened years ago. It’s people like that barista that make this seemingly unfriendly world a much better place.


I shouldn’t stay under the direct sun for too long but some summers ago I didn’t know that and I traveled to Africa.
While I was shopping in the open market (directly exposed to the african heat :woman_facepalming:t2:) I felt unwell and I fainted. Every merchant left their positions to help me, they gave me whatever they were selling to make me feel better (dates, milk, candies, water) even if I was a foreigner and I could barely understand them. They could’ve ignored me or they could’ve sold the products that they were giving to me (some of them literally sold stuff on a carpet in the ground, just to explain how much they needed money) but they decided to help me and give me their stuff for free instead. I’ll never forget this


One night, when I was going home from work, I decided to stop at a buffet and buy myself and my younger brother some takeaway. When I had finished and was leaving, I saw a homeless man asking people for money to buy food. I was hoping he wouldn’t stop to ask me but he did. I do sometimes give homeless people money but I’ve experienced a lot of shall I say rude homeless people when I’ve given them money. Because of such experiences, I was very hesitant about doing so. But the way he asked me, he just seemed so genuine so I went to the ATM, took out money and gave it to him. He got soo happy he started dancing around and singing “I’m going to eat today!”. He then gave me a kiss on the cheek (which I found disgusting lol) and then ran to the same buffet I went to, to buy food. Seeing that man dancing and jumping around with happiness also made me happy. I think about that man a lot and I really hope he’s doing well.
I love seeing and trying to make people happy so I try and do what I can although some people really do test me but they are not important.


Well, every time a new girl/boy comes into my ballet studio, I buy them an ice-cream (3$). It’s cheap but it’s a good motivation. The classes might be really strict compared to what they’ve done before. Anyways, I was having a really bad day because I broke my toenail. A girl in my class bought me an ice-cream. :sob::sob:


I have a lot! It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There was this one ice-cream man who I’ve known for years through summer camp, and instead of paying the full three dollars for my chocolate chip cookie sandwich (that was a mouthful to type, let alone say), he would always give me back an extra dollar or two. That meant a lot to me.

So in return, I like to give campers ice-cream money so they can get what they want.

Another story was actually last Tuesday when I was working at the voting polls. It was a fifteen hour day, and it was exhausting. It was my first time working there, so I obviously wasn’t perfect. The ladies that I was working with were always keeping an eye on me to make sure that I was doing okay. There were two in particular that were insistent on me taking breaks so I could eat. I don’t have any grandparents anymore, and I lost them when I was young, but they treated me as if I was their own grandchild, and it make me feel so wholesome and loved again.

At the voting polls, there was this old couple that were voting together. When I say old, I mean they were probably in their nineties. The old lady couldn’t read the ballot, so her husband was reading it out to her and I nearly cried because it was so precious. They reminded me of the couple from Up.

Other little snippets:

  • This guy played “Happy Birthday” for me on his guitar.
  • My friend was having a really bad day, so I brought a piece of the cake I made to school as well as an umbrella. She walks home from school, and it was pouring that day, and she told me that her umbrella sucks. The pure happiness on her face made me feel happy as well.
  • One time, I told this guy (that same one I mentioned earlier) that I was tired and I couldn’t stay up that night so I was going to go to bed. We said goodnight. Well, a beetle ended up crawling in my sheets, so I was having an anxiety attack partially because of that at one in the morning. So I text him, and he ends up comforting me, playing eight-ball with me, and talking to me until four in the morning, even though he was exhausted. That meant more than I can fathom.

My stories definitely pale in comparison, but that’s okay :)) I love reading other people’s experiences, it makes my desire to travel as well as live in the city stronger.


These are such beautiful stories!!

Ok well, this is my story.

So before I started being homeschooled, I went to a large high school. I didn’t have many friends but mainly lots of people knew me. A new guy came to our school and he was bullied straight away by the year 11’s, year 8’s and 9’s and I noticed it. I noticed how they would dump their slushies on him, dump his stuff in the toilets, even lock him in the bathroom until class so he’d get into trouble for not attending class.

This was a while before I was bullied and I didn’t know how it felt, but I still didn’t like the idea of someone being bullied, so I did what I had to do. I went up to the bullies and set them straight, they were shocked at first that I stuck up for him, mainly because he ‘apparently’ smelt like shit but I didn’t care, no one should be bullied or treated differently for their flaws, looks, personality or likes and dislikes. They should be welcomed and encouraged! (unless its something baaaaad like murder lol)

But me standing up to the bullies didn’t really do anything except for make things worse for the boy. My friends began joining in and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family was still together at the time and our school had many wonderful people, as well as bad.

So I came up with an idea. Seeing as the kids liked to chuck their chocolate and stuff from the canteen at his car as it drove away from the school. I decided to talk to the boy! He was shy at first but yeh, he was actually really nice and sweet. We became friends and I told him my idea. So one day, at the end of school, (his name is Kahlan) Kahlan and I gathered all the teachers, the principal, and all the students who didn’t bully him, and we gathered out the front of the school.

(Seems out of a movie huh?:laughing:) anyway, when the kids came, the teachers set them straight with detentions and such, but then Kahlan EXPLODED and yelled tf out of them lol.

After that… he was never bullied again…

Don't read this, you'll cry

Thats when his bullies be friended him. And turned him on me. Hence forth… how I began being bullied and turned to homeschooling

I did a nice thing for Kahlan, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, even if I’d had to go through all the bullying again. #StopTheBullying

sorry this was big AF


What disgusting people :angry:
You seem so amazing I hope you’re doing OK now? xox

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thanks! I’m doing fine :blush::blob_hearts:


It’s so great what you did for him. I hate that they turned on you though, but I’m so happy you are doing better :heart:

thanks <3 im happy this community has such wonderful people that support people and their stories

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Hmmmmm… I have two.
So the first one always warms my the harder coldness of my heart :joy: :black_heart:
So I was standing outside a supermarket and a older man had gone to a cash point and he had walked away whilst leaving his card in the machine saying “would you like to continue?” I see a young man eyeing it up and I got to the machine first. took out the card and found the man in the supermarket and gave it back to him, He was so happy He had released He left it hanging out. Bless him. (I wish I could take him home as my grand dad)

the second time were use to work when I would go to get the bus I would see a homeless man all the time in the same place he looked freezing. Everyday after that once I finished my shift I would go to our hot drink machine and carry maybe 2 or 3 hot chocolates to him. It wasn`t much but when I would walk away he would be smiling :heart:

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