A Unique type of Vampire story

I don’t know if it sounds unique but I came up with this idea a few nights ago…(when i was supposed to be asleep. tee hee)

I want it to be centered around vampires and werewolves and hunters. Because that’s how it starts out in my head.

Small Summary: Tamsin Cailor (pronounced like Saylor) is the oldest of three daughters. She’s 19, almost 20, and she finds out that she’s a Valkyrie. Half-blooded. She gets a visit from the elder valkyrie’s(which at the time she thinks is just a dream) and they tell her that she is the chosen one to protect her town from the danger that is about to arrive.

There’s a lot of parts that all connect. But it’s centered on these sisters. not just Tamsin. and there’s no Love Interest just yet. The story is mainly about Tamsin and her sister’s. fighting bad guys.

**Here are some more ideas: **
-A psychic-medium. He’s half-demon too.
-The psychic takes a strong liking to the Cailor sisters and becomes a solid ally to them through their battles. He often helps them. He is the comic relief in my story.
- Eventually a vampire gets introduced into the story and he establishes a spot in the Cailor’s’ lives.
- Nessa Cailor is bitten and turned into a werewolf.

I would really appreciate it if anyone would let me know what they think, or how I could improve this idea. I haven’t written anything for it yet, but I’m trying. I just don’t know how to start it just yet.
It’s mainly just ideas and plans that I’m doing right now.


i love it. i love it. i think episode needs something different! and your idea certainly is something different with a lot of potential! go for it

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@AlexandraD oh, thank you so much! I’m glad that you think it’s that good.

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Wow, that sounds interesting! I love the idea

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