A virtual smile for you 😁

Hi. :blob_hearts:
This thread is to put a smile on someone’s face.
To share a little bit of happiness. :blob_sun:
You are welcome to post kind quotes and messages to help lift someone’s spirits.

No drama, please.

I know you don’t need to feel good all the time and it maybe hard to walk sometimes but limping is still walking and you’re still reading so…
cheerleader chibird
Let’s just create some positive energy and keep encouraging each other (and sending virtual smiles :grin: to each other) through struggles.

I know it can be hard to find help.
Support line

Depression (supportline.org.uk)

Be you
Do you
For you
Because you are important and deserve to feel happy.


Awww this is really nice of you and I smiled, so thank you :white_heart:

I really hope that 2021 will be better in all terms, ofc the virus won’t just disappear from one second to another but positive thoughts make you think way more positively! Some things might not go as planned or how you wanted them to go but there’s something out there, whether it’s God or someone/something else that has a plan for you! :white_heart:

Also quick reminder in case you feel small in this world or not worth it…imagine how many cells and good bacteria and many other tiny things are working in your body to make you healthy…they are all working for you; you are worth it :white_heart:


Aww this is so sweet


Aww thank u you are so sweet

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Bump. :blob_sun:

bump, :blob_sun: :blob_turtle: :blob_hearts: :mic_drop:
I think we all need this, especially in the dead of winter

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This is soooo cute! This deserves way more attention, people! :heart::heart::heart:

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