A way for people to be heard and for people to relate with others

Y’all know the answer to that is memes. There is a meme account on Instagram called @arc.memess that was recently created. I wanted you guys to know because I want you all to share the phenomena that goes around the episode community or life with episode in general. I want y’all to connect with others around you. You never know, this might help you connect with people and make friends. I will make a forum so you can submit your meme in. I will tag you in the post to give you credit. Right now the Google forum is not there yet so u can DM me. And if you want it to be specific you can tell me what you want to make the meme look like and all that jazz.

I’m not doing this for followers. Numbers ain’t nothing to me. This is a big community and I want y’all to connect with the people around you and know the people in the community better. This is just a way to socialize and be yourself. I hope you enjoy. It was hard for me to find friends here especially when you just joined, so I want to make it easier for the newcomers.