A Writing Buddy Is Needed!

Hey, I am looking for a writing buddy who knows a lot of coding and other stuff. So I can write with you. It would be great if you could right the story with me. Like I could make an acc for you and me so we can make an episode story together. Cause writing with someone else is way more fun then writing alone. So if you are interested comment or Dm me :slight_smile: ps…if more people wanna do it, we can just make a group :slight_smile:

I can help :grin:

I am looking for someone to correct, help, or edit my story because I am new and there are some errors I don’t know how to fix and if I try I will probably just make it worse. So anyone that can help please reply or go to my account and message me personally or email me. :smile:

Great !!! I would love your help

I can try my best to help. If you need it :slight_smile:

I just got a partner, so thank you for responding though.

Yay! :smile:

:slight_smile: you can just Dm me and we can get started :slight_smile: