A writing partner please help

Hi guys, Im knew in this website, and i an arabic girl from palestine so my first languge is arabic, so my english a little bit bad, and i need someone who could help me on writing my first sroty since im knew, but think about it since i speak arabic we could add this to our story and that something make the fans more interested, please i need help, i have a few ideas about the story, i need someone who knows what he is doing, im not saying professional but at least somone know how the things go in the storys, anyone like to help please respond.

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I could help you, English is not my mother language as well, there are ways to improve quite fast!
Try Grammarly, I know a lot of people would not use it because there are a lot of adds about it, but it really helps me even if it is only the free pack.

(I mean if I can do it, and English is not my original language and I have dyslexia, then I’m sure you can do it too)

Hi, I appreciate your help, I can tell that you been through a lot .
I have a few questions if you dont mind?
you free to answer or not
so first I’m curious about your mother language?what is it?
my name is ESRAA and I’m from palestine
whats your name? and where are you from?
and the last question is do you write in episode? can we write a story together? I want to know what are you thinking about?
I really want to thank you for being the first person who give a hand.
and I would like to be your friend if you dont mind.
and I want to thank you for sharing your story with me, I mean the fact that you had dyslexia been hard on you, you someone who could inspire people, I wish to you all the best, and I really would like to know you better.

My name is Meeke, and my mother language is Dutch. I do write on episode for a bit now but I’m not good at coding. I’m always writing, not only on episode but also stories, short movies and other things. And the dyslexia part wasn’t hard at all, you just have to learn to live with it.

If you’re interested in one of my stories, this is the link on a story I’m working on at the moment, and it’s probably one of my proudest stories:

Hi Meeke, I’ve read episode one from your story, and I think that the episode was too short, you have to make it longer , but the story was good.
and I want to know how old are you???
and if you have account on instagram?? please share it with me.
my account name on instagram is esraa.b56.

I don’t like sharing social media with people if that’s alright with you, and I’m 20, hope I’m not too old for you XD

not at all I understand , by the way I’m almost 16.