A writing section in the episode app

Some people travel and might not bring their computer but will most likely bring their phone wherever they go. So who not have a writing section in the app. I’ve tried writing online on my phone already but it’s very difficult and annoying. It’s ok I it’s not possible, but if it is it will be absolutely helpful.

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K k, I need to make a tutorial on how to do this. Just a tip: Get Kika. And if you are going to upper case some words, N N

If you do that, it’ll erase the spaces when you do and you type things like:


Just type it like:


After each upper case it’ll erase the spaces, sometimes it won’t, but if it allows you to upper case without erasing a spaces, do the same as you did with the others before that letter BC it won’t always do that most of the time.

Also, anorher tip. If you are on your phone, try writing words on the forums on a notebook app first.

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