Aaliyah's Not-So Art Shop ✶

Hi, welcome to my not-so art shop. :blob_sun::black_heart:
This isn’t a request thread lol. I just didn’t know what to name this. I’ve been trying to perfect my art (edits) but lately, I’ve been lacking creativity which sucks. So, here is what I need from you.


  • Headshot, a clear picture of your character. Preferably taking straight out of the app. With a plain background. It can be any color as long as the background isn’t busy.
  • Your character should be in the animation that you want. I don’t feel like doing this.
  • One character only from the neck up. (It will be a edit or a pfp.)
  • Please provide a background along with your character.
  • Tell me about the type of theme you want.
  • It can be either Limelight or Ink. I don’t care.
  • Include this password. bad biss :blob_hearts:
  • Again, this is not a request thread. I’m not that skilled and making edits takes time.
  • I will randomly pick who’s edit I want to do. I probably won’t do everybody.
  • I will make an exception for cards. If you want one, I will do it. But, the rules still apply. Refer to the rules 1-4.
  • Just because you comment first doesn’t mean you will be picked.

Some not-so-important information.

I like to make edits of couples. Sometimes I do custom poses, I enjoy it. (Only in ink.)
Jot down your character edits (only 2) - Follow the rules from above.
Please be as descriptive as possible. (I will only pick 1 and it will be something I know I can work with.)


This is a headshot. - Do not use this photo.

This how your background should look.

Examples of my work.

Please do not use any of these.


i dont need anything but your art is so pretty :pleading_face: .


Ah, this means a lot coming from someone as talented as you! Thank you :pleading_face::blob_hearts:

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You can use my character if you’d like. Its ink though

Tag me if you use her so I can see it please :grin:

You didn’t read my rules :upside_down_face:

Hey if possible I’d like a character card :two_hearts:


Background Portrait and Landscape

Character Details

Name: Ashlyn
Skin Colour: Neutral 03
Eye Colour: Blue Green
Face Shape: Diamond
Eye: Generic
Brow: Arched Thin
Brow Colour: Chestnut Brown
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip Colour: Beige Pink
Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braids
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Nose: Defined Natural

Password: Bad Biss

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Sure, it’ll be done before the end of the day. :blob_sun:

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Thanks :blush:

The landscape is a bit hard since I don’t have enough room, but I’ll try to do it my computer later on.

Here is the portrait one.

Detail Cards

The words clashed with the background so, I added a boarded behind it.

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It’s fine if you can’t I mainly just gave you two to choose whichever was easiest to use :sweat_smile:

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Oh good lol. Well, I hope you like the card. If you need anything changed, let me know :blob_hearts:

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Sorry it was like 5 in the morning and I didn’t go to sleep yet :joy:. I’ll fix it later if you still wanna give it a go

Eh, bump? :pleading_face:

I guess I should stop being lazy and come up with something myself :roll_eyes: - Bump.

Bump. I’ll make someone an edit. Read the rules first, though.

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I’d love an edit from a queen like yourself!

(I can crop it if needed)

The theme: gold…? I donno if that helps aka what ever you feelin.

Pose: what ever your talent can do (I suck at poses so I don’t have a example)

Password: bad biss


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Alright, I’ll make you one soon :blob_hearts:

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bad biss

You can use mine if you want

You hear that Jimmy? that’s my wig being snatched from these amazing edits

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Oof, I still owe you an edit. I started it a while ago and got unmotivated. Maybe I’ll do this this week. :eyes:

Also, bump.

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