Aaliyah's Official Splash Thread. :blob_hearts:

Hello, Aaliyah here. Welcome to my request thread. My specialty is making splashes. :black_heart:

I was inspired by this thread. Be sure to check it out. It’s quite important.

My examples:

Click me.


  • Always credit me by using ‘Liyah.Episode’ which is my Instagram name.
  • You can either use the readerMessage saying 'Splash made by @Liyah.Episode on Instagram" or you can credit me at the end of the episode.
  • DO NOT remove or crop out my watermark.
  • All backgrounds will fit in the portal. All of them are one zone.

Please read.

I’m quite busy with other things so, I will not be taking any request at the moment. Feel free to use my examples. I will also link my google drive.
I will be adding more splashes soon.

Google drive link:


Do you do characters on the splashes?

Feel free to use my splashes as long as you credit. I will also take up to 3 request if you need something made and you didn’t find it in my drive.

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Hi Aaliyah,

If you aren’t too busy right now I’d like to ask for a splash about Rape as you’ve but using several shades of red instead of blue.

Even if you can’t thank you in advance :kissing_heart:

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I can do that. Do you want it to say the same thing as I have it? I will also show you 3 different examples when I complete it. I’ll have it done before the end of the day.

Yes :blush:

Take your time there no rush :wink:

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@Nessya - I made four different ones. If you want something change feel free to let me know.

Red on red.

This one is a little bigger than the other splashes, but it will still fit, just make sure you don’t cut out the watermark.

White on dark red.

Black on red.


White on red.

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They’re all amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But the last is perfect :heart_eyes:

I’ve to run from my dark aura tendencies so I won’t choose the second one :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot @xxLoveAaliyah

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I’m glad you like them, love!
But, when in doubt I also pick the dark color :sweat_smile:

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Bump :slightly_smiling_face: Everyone is more than welcome to use these splashes with credit, of course.

A small bump. I can make character cards and Instagram highlights, if anyone wants one.
Please do not use.



Some more examples. :yay:



A bump is in order. Feel free to use some splashes especially if you have triggering content!

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Hi @xxLoveAaliyah

I came back to ask for another small favor.

Is it possible to have this splash with post-partum depression and in shades of red

Your original splash

Even if you can’t I appreciate your time :blush:

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Of course, you want the background color the same as last time? A red background, I mean.

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Yes like with these colours

I tried to quote the splash but as always technology decided to have it its way… :unamused:

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Lol, okay. I’ll have this done sometime today :slightly_smiling_face:

Take your time :wink:

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Here you go. Let me know if you want something changed :slightly_smiling_face:


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