Abbey’s INK Profile Pic Shop *INK ONLY!*

Hey guys!
I have some free time this week and since I’m getting so quick with edits, I thought I’d make a profile pic shop.


  1. Don’t waste my time saying you’ll use it then end up not using it.
  2. I do INK edits only (as I’m not very good with limelight
  3. Patience is a virtue :slightly_smiling_face:
  4. You MUST credit me @abbeyx.episode

How to request:

  1. Send me a picture of yourself as an INK character
    (I will tell you whether I have accepted your request or not. )
  2. Send the background you want your profile pic to have

Hope you enjoy my shop :heart:

Example of my work:

I can also do Instagram profile pics :blush:

Hi! Your work looks awesome! Mind doing this quickie for me?

It’s supposed to look dopey. Could you add some freckles, real-i-fy the hair and make the eyes look better?




Ok, this cracked me up. Lol what background do you want?

Haha! Glad you had a laugh. :smiley:

Hmm, anything is fine! Plain white maybe, since I’m basic.

Thanks again!! :smiley:

Sure np, it’ll be done in 5

Awesome opossum! Thank you!!


Finito! Enjoy :blush:

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Looks awesome! Thanks! I’ll credit you in my bio.

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