Abbey X's Request Shop *Moving locations*

Hey Episodians!

I’ve decided to give it a wing and make a cover, splash, edit and overlay shop!


  1. You MUST credit me @abbeyxwrites
    2. If you aren’t going to use the splash then please DO NOT waste my time requesting a splash if you’re not going to use it.
    3. Please be patient and remember that I may not be able to finish your splash within a few days because I have school and other things going on in my life.

Please fill out this form to request:

To Request for cover:

Title Of Story:


Brief Summary:

Background you’d like:

Do you want characters?

Do you want text?

Additional Details:

Small or Large Cover?

To Request for Splash:

Caption you want:

Background you’d like:

Characters you’d like (if any):

Any Additional Details:

To Request for an overlay:

What overlay you want:

Characters (if any):

Text (if any):

To Request For An Edit

What characters you’d like:

Any specific details you want:

Character Details:
Example: Eye color, hair color, etc etc

Character Outfit Details:

****Please fill out the form for the request you’d like me to make.
**Hope you guys enjoy my shop! :slight_smile: **

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Can I get a splash

Yea, of course.

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A splash saying thank you for reading my story

Sure! I’ll finish it as soon as I can.

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how long does it take

Working on it rn so it’ll be done in a few minutes

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Here you go! Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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I love it how do I credit you


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Here’s an example of one of my character edits

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Would you like a character edit?

You need to give me some more details on what you want

yes I like a character edit

can you change her hair

and the outfit

Wdym change her hair and outfit? Please be more specific

Change the hair color to purple

change the outfit to a badass outfirt

Ok. I will try my best. I cannot promise I’ll have it done for you tonight though. But I’ll try my best to

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