~ Abinaya’s overlay shop ~ 🍃

Hi and welcome to my overlay shop!

I make:

  1. overlays out of backgrounds
  2. splitscreens for phonecall scenes etc.
  3. limb overlays
What you need to do
  1. sent me the background and tell me where you’ve found it with a link (drives, sites etc.) or what’s it called in the art catalog

  2. if splitscreen: tell me what part of the background you want to show (the side with the bed, mirror etc.) and only give me the background you want as overlay! - The one on top of the other background -


form overlays

Is the background from the art catalog:
So yes, what is it called:
So no, send the link here:
What do you want as overlay:

form splitscreen

I only have to know the bg of the overlay!

Is the background from the art catalog:
So yes, what is it called:
So no, sent the link here:
What part of the background do you want to show:
Do you want a line where the two backgrounds meet:
So yes, what color:
Do you want the overlay from the top left corner to the bottom right:
Do you want the overlay from bottom left corner to the top right:

It’s important to me where you got your backgrounds, because sending it via the forums will change the size!

Limb overlays

What you want as limb:
skin color:

I will try to make it as soon as possible. You don’t have to credit me, but it would be appreciated <3. @abinaya_episode


Hey! I need one more PNG out of Background. Here :


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Hi! Yes I will make one for you

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Thank you :kissing_heart:

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