About approved backgrounds & overlays copyrights

So I’ve been having this question for awhile… When episode approve images & overlays, does that mean that those images are copyright free? and how do episode team knows whether those images are copyright free or not? do they have some kind of software to check where those uploaded images come from? I’m still confused about this.

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Nope. They don’t have a sure way of knowing unless there’s a big ole watermark or brand logo from a company somewhere on the image they can see that tips them off. But even then the image may get pass them. They’re human after all. I imagine a simple search of the image could tell them whether its copyright free or not, but that takes WAY too much time considering the amount of images that are uploaded everyday.

That’s why they have that passage agreement you have to click every time you upload any BGs and overlays stating the uploader has the rights to use said asset just in case a person/company does gain knowledge that a user on Episode’s platform has used their property without permission, Episode is not held liable.


So what happens when the owner found out about the image? Will episode told you to remove them or will they delete your story?


I’m asking this because some images in google was said to be copyright free but then I found the same image and it said it’s not copyright free.


If you upload a copyrighted image on Episode and the owner of the image found out, all the responsability will be on you. Episode won’t take any of the responsability even if they approved your background because when uploading your picture you need to click on this:

So it means, that if the owner of the copyrighted picture ask you to remove your picture from your story you will need to do it, and (in the worst case) if they sue you for this, you will be the only one held responsible. (Unfortunately, i think it happened once that an author on Episode got sued because of copyrights.)

So be careful of which picture you’re using in your story (editing the picture doesn’t remove copyrights by the way).:sweat_smile: :hugs:


Just as @Gaea has stated stated above you will be held liable and they will most likely tell you to remove the image from your story.


Oh i see thanks for telling me, I thought yhat they’d remove your story