About backgrounds & copyright



I’ve been stressing about this long enough, so let’s just get to the point: can I really get in trouble if I upload a background that is copyrighted (unintentionally, of course)? Or will it just get rejected? I’m asking because I’m not exactly sure how this works, since some people just grab pictures from google or pinterest and they get approved. Also, I’m extremely anxious about uploading my own (the ones that I found).


It’ll just be rejected. If for some reason Episode isn’t aware and the owner finds out, they usually just ask to take it down. At least that’s how I’ve seen it when it happened to people I follow.

I think real legal trouble comes if you and episode refuse to take it down, but I don’t see that ever happening lol.


Okay, thank you. That really took a weight off my shoulders lmao.


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