About bad grammar

What do you think about bad grammar?? Does it bother you?
Personally, it doesn’t bother me because English isn’t my first language. I’ve read so many stories from people that their first language isn’t English and I really enjoy them. As long as I understand the story it’s okay but so many people stop reading a story just because of the grammar. I downloaded Grammarly but if I want it to fix my sentences I have to pay $11.66 per month, which is too much for me.

Whatever. My question is… Would you stop reading a good story that you enjoy because of the grammar?


While I don’t stop reading the story (if I like it), bad grammar makes it MUCH harder for me to get through.

It does bother me.


I use that, but I dont pay, I just use it for planning out my story, and drafts.

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I never stop reading a story if it has bad grammar, lik everyone said, English isn’t their native language, but if I understand what’s going on then it is good. It DOESN’T bother me at all, not one bit.

Yeah … I’d stop reading the story if it has bad grammar. It irritates me a lot and it’s a lot harder to understand what the dialogues are !!
But I wouldn’t stop reading the story if it has a good plot .

You can ask someone to proofread your story before publishing it , if you are so worried about the grammar. There are some people who do it for free


it bothers me very much. i can’t stand when story creator doesn’t know even the basics.

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It depends on how bad it is. If the story is good but the grammar isn’t the best I’ll most likely keep reading. If it’s nearly impossible for me to focus on the story because of it I’m not going to continue. When I write I go back over things and a few mistakes slip past sometimes so it isn’t necessarily a huge issue. I know how hard it is for people who don’t speak English mainly to write in it.


I honestly can’t read a story if it has a bad grammar. And also if it doesn’t have the right punctuation. It gets on my nerves.

Slightly off topic: I know many of you might come at me for saying this, but honestly I’m tired of hearing that someone isn’t good at English “because it isn’t their first language”. Just say that you’re not good at it. English isn’t my first language either, and of course I make mistakes, but I make many mistakes also when I speak and write my mother tongue.


I dont Care to much about grammar. But inam also not english and dyslexic

To be honest, it can bother me a bit.
If I like a story that much and it has bad grammar, then I won’t stop reading tho.
But I’ll never get mad at someone because of bad grammar. Not everyone is the best in grammar or in English in general. I’m one of those people too! :grin:

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To me it depends on how bad it is. I definitely won’t stop reading a story because of a few errors here and there. Grammar is important, but I make mistakes too, so I don’t judge as long as it seems the author tried their best. But I do stop reading stories if I keep seeing dialogues that don’t even make sense


Hey! I made a thread about this a while ago. Check it out here.
As a crazy stickler for English, a story has to be really good for me to be okay with mediocre grammar. As someone who is trilingual, I understand the struggle! English is hard! But, I cringe when I see poor grammar.
I have a few grammar lessons, if anyone would like them! I also do proofreading services.


Depends on how terrible the grammar is. I’ve never quit reading a story that had a plot that REALLY interested me that had bad enough grammar to make me quit.

Depends how bad, english is not my first language either but bad grammar still does bother me and tbh there are so many people on the forums who offer proof reading so imo it’s such an easy thing to fix.

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If it has few minor errors here and there then I will still read as long as I can still comprehend what’s going on. But if it’s constant errors that are so bad to the point I can’t understand then I might head out :flushed::walking_man:

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Most of the best stories I’ve read were from authors who didn’t have the best grammar because English isn’t their first language. I’ve gotten used to looking past it. Usually when I see it in their stories I try to correct them.

Now if it’s to the point where I can’t comprehend anything then I obviously cant continue reading it. But even in those cases I try to reach out to them and tell them that they should work on it

As long as i can understand the story, it doesn’t bother me

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A few slip-ups here and there won’t put me off a story entirely. But if punctuation and bad grammar consistently protrudes, then I won’t read any longer.

Get a proofreader. Go through a spellchecking program. Read some grammar lessons on Instagram. Do something.


I’m not going to be a snob and say that bad grammar is unbearable, because even though English is my first language, even my grammar is not ‘perfect’ and I understand fully that learning a new language is extremely challenging. However, I do think that some authors don’t even seem to try and fix their grammar and spelling. There are always options to have proofreaders if your grammar is worryingly bad. I know so many people who would be more than willing to proof read and check a story. Is it really that difficult to try find one, especially if you have a forums or Instagram account meaning you could reach out and ask for that kind of help? Although I don’t love poor grammar, I would not stop reading the story if I liked the plot, characters, etc, but if your story has a somewhat generic storyline, then usually I would not continue.

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