About body types


Like many others people, I would like body types in episode, but then I start to thinking that it’s not going to be easy for episode to create more body types, why?
•They will have to create different clothes for every body type
•They have to create body types and it’s not easy like you think it is

Now there are just 2 excuse but who knows there is more or when body types will be in episode bugs will get worse

Like I said I would love body types too, but we have to think how hard Episode work to do everything we like and how hard Episode will have to work to create body types…

:slightly_smiling_face: That’s what I think and I don’t want to sound rude, I hope you guys understand


True, but think of things differently and it suddenly seems viable.

Episode somehow managed to create a unique story coding system, create unique character styles, create unique clothing for those characters, create a whole unique app, and build up a huge amount of users for that app. I think Episode is definitely capable of creating different body types. Of course it will take time, but I know they can do it for sure.


I know, but how I said it will take time because it’s not easy.:full_moon_with_face:


I think I remember a long time ago Episode mentioned that with each body type, you have to have a new set a animations. For example the featured stories that have different body types, separate animations have to be made.

My point is that it could be in process, but obviously that takes a lot of time. There was an athletic body type for guys, but that ended up getting removed for public use by the community due to how glitchy it was.

Half the time we’re waiting for new animations for body types we have, so imagine the process with other body types.


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