About Cliches [IMPORTANT]

Be honest with me now is this cliche and would you/not read it? Dont try to lie to me to be nice please. If you hate it then TELL ME and i can improve.

  • suger daddy
  • bilionare boss having affair
  • love triangel
  • mafia leader
  • pregnant plot line
  • whois the father?

A story including bilionare boss who is married having a affair with asistant who is the MC. Love triangle between MC bilionare and gang leader. There is also pregnancy.

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  • I love this idea I will read
  • This is okay might read but depends
  • Cliche and unoriginal

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this idea is very much clichi.

but if this is what you wanna write do it. I have said this a lot and wil again

clichi does not make a story bad and orginality does not make it good. it all depends on how you write it.

when you write clichi you have to bring something new to the table

take frozen for an example its the clichi disney princess story. but the prince turns out to be the villian. that was something new. or brave where Merida do not end up with a guy at all.

and a orginal story when orginal has to be good too. jupiter asending was orginal and that movie suck


ok thank you!

How? Please explain

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In my honest opinion, this is a story, that only uses cliches. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write it. Though I wouldn’t read it, there are plenty of other people who would enjoy this. As long as you like your idea and feel good about writing it, you should do it.


I have never read read my lips before and I have never seen a story with BOTH bilionare and mafia it usualy just one so I am combing cliches to make a good original story.
No offence but if there are a lot of bilionare and mafia stories then that means that it is good since it’s very popular doesnt it?


all the ideas are cliche. combining them together does not make them original. its just make it more cliche.

haveing one cliche thing in a story does not make it a cliche story. its just a cliche thing to happen. but if evrything there happen in the story is cliche stuff its a cliche story.


Thank you

Thank you very much

It’s cliché but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I just feel it would be kinda predictable. I recommend you give us a nice plot twist and surprise us! :heart:


It really depends on how you combine the elements and what twists you give the story. Your description is quite vague. Is there more to your plot than being a love triangle where the MC gets pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is? I’m assuming it’s romance/drama?

I’ve actually been working on something kinda new (it’s already on another platform, I’m epy-converting it), which contains a few “cliche” elements, yet I feel like I’ve put my own spin on those elements and I actually really like my plot. So just because your story has a lot of “cliche” elements, doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t have some originality.


^ This, for sure.

If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t read it, not because it has too many cliches, but because they’re not the cliches I like lol. I absolutely melt for some cliches, but not others.

There are some (like me lmao) who will harp on cliches, but there are also plenty who will read them. We talk about originality, but if that was all it took to write a good story, I might have more than 36 reads. :sunglasses: :joy:

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there’s a difference between a cliche and a copy. You can use a bunch of cliches as long as there’s still something in it to set it apart from the others, something that makes yours worth reading. :relaxed:



i’m not going to lie, this story does have a lot of cliches. although some people may find this as “a bad thing” a lot of people do enjoy stories with cliches. if you love your story and characters nothing should stop you writing something you enjoy.