🕴 About Comedy 🕴

Code Red Situation. I mean, come on. There’s only 1 featured comedy story on Episode and it’s not even originally categorized as comedy! There are very talented writers like Amberose, Picalilly and Kayla Sloans, yet only ONE! book on the featured shelf???


i don’t think i’ve read a mainly comedy story. the ones from piccalilly have been romance (in my opinion)with competitive edge being comedy. like, that’s all i know. i would LOVE to see some good stories in that genre😩


Personally as an author who prefers to write comedy, I would love to see this!

I would love to see an actual funny story get featured, but Episode would ruin the H*LL out of Competitive Edge, One of the Girls, and War Dogs. I think Game Life by Kayla Sloans would be a good choice for a good comedy featured story (since it’s only 9 episodes long by default), but then again, this is Episode we’re talking about. I don’t want to pay 25 gems just to win the game.

EDIT: Actually, besides that, (and this is just my opinion,) Game Life is better suited in INK. Animations are more smooth, and the moments are more funny.

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If episode didn’t edit and ruin stories when they feature them then I would suggest Anyone but you by Janine Dela Cruz, One of the Girls by Amberose and a few others but I don’t want to see them being destroyed :sleepy:

Or Lost in New York by @Nettie_episode
I’ve read all the released chapters, it’s a really good story, I would have nominated it for the epy donut awards, but it has more than 50k reads

I never even noticed… ]: we need more comedy stories! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun: