CONFETTI is the sixth album by Little Mix. It contains 13 songs.
You can find whatever you need. It’s a relatable nature, served up on a silver platter.
Hope you have a good time listening to it.


i’m happy jesy is taking time to get better don’t get me wrong, but I saw this video on YouTube where it leads viewers to believe she left completely and i almost SCREAMED. like, don’t scare me like that :triumph::raised_back_of_hand:t2:

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I know. Hope she’ll be ok and deal with whatever she has.

Confetti is great! I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out (this and Infinite Things from Paloma Faith). I think the strongest stretch of the album is Nothing But My Feelings up to My Love Won’t Let You Down. I love all the 4 songs in that stretch. I don’t particularly care for If You Want My Love or Rendezvous, but I won’t skip them becaust they’re still quite entertaining. All the singles are bops too, promotional or otherwise. Just a really great pop album.

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I totally agree with you. I also liked Infinitity Things by Paloma.

That’s great! I don’t often find someone who’s into the same music as I am, haha. Better Than This, If This Is Goodbye and Last Night on Earth are probably my favourites on Infinite Things. Me Time is also up there for sure.

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Well I haven’t heard the album. I thought you meant the song. But now I’ll definitely have a listen to the album.

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