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Hey guys🖐 It’s been a long time since I’ve been in here. and now I noticed that a lot off story need to pay a gem if you want choose a certain solution for your story. it used to be that at the end of the episode you could choose whether you wanted to support the author or not. I understand how much time and love people put into their story and I always supported it when I had the chance. I want to ask if now you have to pay gems for certain story choices in each story? I don’t want to sound negative, but sometimes you’re broke and you can’t do anything, and the story really pulls you in but you don’t have gems and cannot continue reading or choose the answer you want. I apologize if there are any mistakes, English is not my first language😊


I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to ask.

Yes, in featured stories you have to pay for certain choices, and also many authors who’s stories are not featured also sometimes have this option in their story. Gems are big for authors and can help a lot :slightly_smiling_face: although I have seen many stories who don’t have gem choices!


Hey so featured story’s on episode ( the ones on the shelf as soon as u open it up ) will have it where if you want a premium choice hair style or a nice dress where you have to use gems or you can do a basic hair style or a regular dress which they will normally end up shaming you in some way ( for the dress situation) . Community stories normally DON’T have gem choices unless it’s a support the author or something like this picture I’ll link below. ( it’s basically if you want to skip the wait and read _ more chapters you will need to spend _ gems for it I’ve seen the time and gem limit change it just depends on the story but it’s normally every 3 or 4 chapters it will do it )

Picture of what I mean

Hope this helps and feel free to message me if you don’t understand or have any questions !


I understood everything, thank you for sharing❤️

Welcome back, Alia2!! As @Catniss said it right in featured stories they have gems for hair choices, dress choices and other basic choices. A year ago the Episode team gave the option for the author to use gem choices, to get the story higher in rank. So, that took care of it that even the smallest authors could get higher in rank, when they chose to use the most ridiculous gem choices in their stories often. What I try to say is. That also took care of it that the most crappy stories even got higher in rank.

The author herself/himself has the choice now if they want to use gem choices in their story and what kind of gem choices they want to use.
You have indeed the support the author- gem choice, you have the skip-the-wait - gem choice and the early access - gem choice. And of course the gem choices they use in the middle of their stories. Sometimes authors even decide to give some extra bonus-scenes with asking for gems.
I understand it’s irritating, the possibility of gem choices took care of it that I never wanted to read featured stories (episode originals) again. Especially when you’re reading a story (featured or community story doesn’t matter) and you have like 5 or 6 gem choices in one whole chapter and you have not much gems.

But as an author it’s nowadays also irritating to have almost no reads, you put so much sweat and tears in a story and get nothing in return. We get gems, but can’t do anything with it. :woman_shrugging:
By the way, I think the Episode team needs to do something with those gems all the authors receive. Like giving an author the option to use it for buying new outfits or props for the stories they write.


yeah i understand like is important to support author and i doing that if i have a gems, because authors put in they story so much love and time but you know sometime you dont have that much gems which you could give, but it is as it is, it used to be better only because you could decide for yourself when you can support. because now it is becoming similar to those stories where the episodes themselves gave the original ones where you had to pay to dress something nicer or choose a better answer in communication. but yeah i don’t wanna sounds negative or something and i don’t have anything bad about that it just my opinion. thanks for sharing❤️


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okay thank you😊

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